Why Refer a Case To Send A Case

Why Refer a Case To Send A Case

The Quick & Easy Claim Referral App

 The Morgan & Morgan Send A Case Referral App makes referring a claim fast and simple

  • Refer a claim in under 3 minutes
  • We track your client’s case and keep you updated
  • Your client is connected to the nation’s largest Personal Injury law firm
  • Receive a co-counsel/referral fee every time we win

Backed by Morgan & Morgan

Morgan & Morgan has been in the personal injury law practice for 30 years. With 800 lawyers spread across 49 states, we have the expertise and specialized knowledge of federal, state and local laws to get your client the best result possible. We will fight with all our resources to ensure success for your client and, consequently, to secure your referral fee.  

 Our data has shown that claimants who are represented by a personal injury attorney receive 3 times the payout than those who go it alone. We understand that your client’s financial losses don’t stop at medical bills, and we can help your client get paid for lost wages and more.

 Like most law firms, Morgan & Morgan works on a contingency basis. Your case is free unless we win. We take the case at no cost upfront and, once the claim settles, we take a percentage of the payout. That means you and your client have nothing to lose and a potential payday to gain when you file your client’s claim through our referral app.

About Send A Case

Effortlessly refer your client’s claim, get paid a referral fee and be confident that your client’s case is in the best hands. All from your phone.