How Much Money Can Your Client Win in an Injury Claim?

How Much Money Can Your Client Win in an Injury Claim?

Your client’s award can range from zero to millions of dollars. There have even been awards in the billions. 

But keep in mind that your client won’t likely receive fair compensation without an experienced personal injury attorney on their side. At Morgan & Morgan we understand just what it takes to build an airtight claim to meet all four elements, gather evidence, and deal with insurance adjusters.

The size of settlements, awards, or payouts can vary widely, and compensation can depend on a whole slew of factors, including:

  • How the individual insurance company values your client’s injury case
  • The size of the insurance policy
  • The category of defendant
  • Federal, state, and local laws
  • The degree to which your client’s injuries or suffering affect their life

What’s At Stake

Aside from aggressive defense attorneys, your client is also facing insurance companies that profit by limiting risk and minimizing their liability. Many of them are international behemoths with armies of insurance adjusters, attorneys, and analysts to protect their interests from personal injury victims. 

 If you decide to take on your client’s case, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle because you’ll have to prove all four conditions to receive compensation for your client’s injuries. On the other hand, the defense only needs to demonstrate that your client’s case doesn’t meet one of the four requirements. If they succeed, they’ll get the claims dismissed, and your client will walk away empty-handed.

Hiring an experienced Morgan & Morgan personal injury lawyer who practices in your client’s state can be a game-changer. They’ll know the law inside and out and will help build an airtight claim, gather evidence, and deal with insurance adjusters. 

Finding a capable personal injury attorney is crucial and will maximize your chances of getting the compensation your client deserves after an accident.