Average Settlements for Car Accident Claims

Average Settlements for Car Accident Claims

In the United States alone, there are nearly 290 million registered vehicles. According to Martindale-Nolo Research, the average settlement for a car accident in the United States is $8,200. 

However, this number can vary widely based on location, injuries, parties involved, and severity of negligence. 

For example, in an accident with injuries, Martindale-Nolo found that the average settlement or award is $29,700.

Each automobile accident is unique. Calculating settlement values can give you an idea of the potential value of your client’s settlement, but you should not limit yourself to that figure.

Below, we’ve taken a deep dive into average car accident settlements and what you might anticipate for your client’s case.

What Is My Client’s Car Accident Settlement Worth?

Average Herniated Discs Settlements: A herniated disc injury settlement sits at around $350,000. Occasionally, herniated discs are irreversible and may cause a lifetime of pain.

Average Spinal Cord Damage Settlement: The national average for spinal cord injuries is around $250,000. This figure varies significantly depending on the unique circumstances of your client’s case and whether or not you refer their case to an experienced attorney.

Average Head Injury Settlement: Settlements for head injuries range between $20,000 and $30,000. Payments for more severe concussions begin in the six-figure range. We encourage you to tell your client to keep a journal of their experience after a head injury so medical providers and insurance companies can better understand the effects the injury is having on your client.

Average Back Injury Settlement: A back injury may involve spinal damage or be as minor as mild whiplash. It’s difficult to assign an amount to this type of injury. On average, a soft-tissue back injury settlement ranges up to $10,000 but could be much higher for spinal cord damage, broken bones and paralysis.

Average Whiplash Settlement: Whiplash can be a severe medical condition that can last months, or even years in some cases. Additionally, whiplash can knock the spine out of alignment, resulting in various additional complications. Again, determining the average settlement for a whiplash injury is difficult due to the unique nature of each case. Victims who suffer from severe whiplash injuries can realistically expect to receive upwards of $100,000.