Auto Accident

Auto Accident
The average driver gets into 4 motor vehicle accidents in their lifetime. And insurance companies attempt to lowball and cheat drivers out of the compensation they deserve for damages and injuries every day. Here’s how you know your client has a case:

Factors Necessary for an Auto Accident Case

  • The other party must be liable. Liability is determined by which party was negligent, resulting in the accident.

  • There had to be damage to the vehicle and or someone was hurt seriously enough to seek medical care. Damages determine the value of your case, and can include medical bills, auto damages, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, disability and disfigurement.

Steps Your Clients Should Take to Back Up the Claim

  • Get the information of the other driver including car make and model, phone number, license plate, driver’s license number, insurance provider and policy number. 

  • Call the police and file a police report.

  • Document the accident. Get photos of the damaged car and the other party’s car on the road. Take pictures of their injuries and of vehicle damage. Gather eye witness’ names and phone numbers. Locate video cameras in the area and possible dash cam footage. 

  • Get medical attention and follow their doctor’s instructions. Keep receipts, track lost wages, and document any difficulty they may have for “pain and suffering.”

  • Contact their insurance company right away.

Advice for Your Client on What Not To Do

  • Don’t overshare information with the other driver, the police or, most importantly, with the other driver’s insurance company.

  • Do not allow the other driver’s insurance company to take a recorded statement from your client.

  • Do not post on social media as insurance companies may use this as evidence that your client’s injuries are not as severe as they claim. 

  • Don’t sign that paperwork or cash that check! By signing or cashing the check, they are agreeing to the settlement.